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  “We have all been led to believe that we should be searching for happiness, which some call our Journey of Enlightenment. I believe that happiness is transient and in the past 13 years on my own path I have come to realise that we are actually searching for peace in our hearts. A deep inner knowing that will keep you calm and strong even when difficult challenges arise.”

My weekends give those who wish to expand their minds, connect with their souls, find their inner peace, and leave with a smile!

Namaste, Lizzie
  On your Inner Soul Weekend Retreat you will be provided with…..  
  An insight into your own powers of your mind, body and soul. We will be learning practical exercises to demonstrate your intuition abilities, such as your psychic development  
  An opportunity to take part in three guided deep meditations, including past life regression  
  Talks about the world of Spirituality and how to understand YOUR life purpose  
  An opportunity to detach from people and situations that keep you stuck in the past  
  New tools to create a balanced life  
  For those who would like to take part, there will also be an opportunity to experience Lizzie’s psychic abilities with discussions on what the future hold for you and on Saturday evening Lizzie will be demonstrating her mediumship. An insight into another world.  
  Please contact me for venue, price and date details  
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