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"I am very pleased with my session with Lizzie Falconer. She was kind, personable and very clear in her explanations. Lizzie immediately identified one of the major issues in my personal life and was able to give me both insight on the past and helpful suggestions on how to deal with the present. She also answered my questions and even addressed physical issues that I have been having. I really enjoyed speaking with Lizzie and feel like I gained a better understanding of many areas in my life. Two thumbs up for Lizzie!" Monique Olivier

"Thank you again, my session with you has given me such a spiritual lift. To have confirmed to me that I haven't been imagining things is so wonderful. Once again, my deepest thanks for everything." Anonymous

"Thanks SO MUCH...My energy levels have increased dramatically today!" Anonymous

"I met Lizzie through a friend of mine and the minute I set eyes on her I knew I had to have a reading with her. She immediately put me at my ease and has an "air of wisdom" surrounding her that makes it very easy to talk to her. I went to Lizzie with one thought in mind - I wanted to know if I was ever going to have another baby. My first reading with her was incredibly liberating and she saw things that nobody could have known and it lead me on to wanting to meet her. The day I spent with Lizzie was one of the most life changing experiences I have ever had. She is not a normal Clairvoyant (and I have been to a lot) - where she manages to extract information from you without you knowing it and she does not make predictions and then leave you to get on your way. Both the reading and the day I spent with Lizzie she was insistent that I did not tell her anything that she "could not see for herself" and she picked up on things that even I did not know until I confirmed them with my Mother afterwards. She is immensely insightful and she makes sure that she does not tell you anything that she then does not thoroughly explain and she helps you to understand how the information can better your life in the future. I can safely say that meeting Lizzie has changed me for the better - she has helped me to become much more accepting, much calmer but at all times there was always a silver lining and an understanding that my life can only get better. I would recommend her to anyone." PW

Lizzie Falconer   |   T: 01394 388122   |   E: lizzie@lizziefalconer.com